The Creator

Born in Stockholm, Sweden with big dreams.

Always curious and eager to learn.

I Love art and interior. my children and my walks beside the sea

I love big and I love small

Yoga is a big part of my life and the place I turn to for inspiration, strenght aswell as relaxation.

"I want to create a community were people

always can feel accepted and find their

true self´s and their special gifts" 


I. T O R E H E I M AB, Children yoga teacher, Freelance designer for private lable customers

I. T O R E H E I M 

Yoga family lifestyle brand

Scandinavian design made to follow evert bend and twist to you can reach your full expression of each yoga pose 


Freelance yoga wear design

Do you want to start the exciting process of creating your unique yoga product / collection for your studio?

We do this in our Private Label process. We help you produce clothes, accessories, labels and of course, the finished product, all according to your wishes.

We can also include you who already have a finished product or serie in our Private Label process but looks for a new supplier

We produce products for customers who market their product under their own brand.

Everything according to the customer's needs and confidentiality agreement.

Large and small companies are welcome with us. With great commitment and knowledge, we support you throughout the process, from idea to finished product.


Children Yoga teacher

Teach yoga to children within sports, schools

and on yoga studios


Freelance eyewear design

Being a designer and buyer from eyewear, you need to be good at imagien and the see end result just by looking at a technical drawing.

You should always have inminde that when changing measurments by millimetres the eyewear total design and expression change it´s appearance and so does the whole costumer group with it.

This is a product that not only reflects the brand, it reflects who the end costumer is, who they are and what they are like.

Its all over their face. 


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