The Creator

Irene Toreheim


My name is Irene Toreheim and I am living in the south part of Sweden

A bridge away from Denmark.

 I am the founder and creative director of my dream project,

my own swedish yoga brand I. T O R E H E I M TM

Beside this I also work as a children yoga instructor and

freelance designer within private lable and licens collaborations

I am Educated within the fashion, retail, buying field and

have alot of experiance within design, marketing and finance

I am Always looking for new things to learn and new people to meet 


Experienced buyer and designer with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Retail, Design, Eyewear, Textiles, Planning, and Purchasing. Strong arts and design professional as well as a business mindset. 

I. T O R E H E I M 

Swedish Yoga brand

I. T O R E H E I M wants to offer the whole family a yoga collection that connects but separates the mother, father and childrens different needs in detail and function.

I. T O R E H E I M wants to combine the balance between and design to coexist togheter with the scandinavian apperance and symmetry.

Every drop has its own color


During my classes there is alot of focus on breathing. Were I teach the children how the breath can both calm the body down but at the same time how the breath can give them more strenght and create curiosity about themselfs.

When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others

My goal is to give children though yoga tools that they can use throughout their lives, before they know they need them.



"My knowleage , your brand" 

I want you to be able to create your dream.

I have a long experiance within design and production within yogawear and eyewear design and can help you develop and extend your brand within these fields.

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